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Contact us by email, [click here].  Let us know the
item(s) you would like, the number, size, and your
mailing address.  We accept on-line payments and
will email you with the simple and secure payment
steps when your order is processed.
How to Order & Pay
Check out three very short, fun videos on the making of a mug.
See what's for sale on the shelf, [click here]
Every item is made by hand---meaning every item is unique in
size, color, and design.  While there will be similarities between
items in a series, each will have its own character and personal
qualities.  In stock quantities are limited.

All items are made to withstand dishwasher and microwave use,
and are food safe.

Most items are sold by size and/or the ounces it will contain.  You
can specify the size you would like when ordering.

See below for ordering and payment information.  A shipping
charge will be added if items are to be delivered via USPS.

Inventory changes from time to time.  Check back to see what
new items have been added to the shelf since your last visit.
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All sales proceeds (minus supplies and a small amount for equipment
upkeep) is donated to charities.  Nothing is kept as income.