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Artisan crafted by hand using the purist, natural oils and fats containing naturally occurring glycerin &
wholesome earthly ingredients: rain water, saponified olive, coconut, palm or tallow, and soy oils, with
natural essential or fragrance oils for aroma, and natural colorants.  Often a dash of garden herbs, honey,
oats, or goat milk is added for good measure.  Being heavy in high grade olive oil produces a high
moisturizing and skin nourishing soap.  You'll find the lather rich, thick, and creamy, with great cleansing
properties, unlike any other soap you've used.  Try it, then
drop a note with your comments.
The Soaps
The Cost
* Special soaps like shaving, shampoo, laundry, gardeners,
hunters, sauna, & beer are produced by request.  For special
soap price quotes and minimum quantities, or if you have
other questions about our soap,
drop a note.
Contact us by email, [click here].  Let us know the
soap(s) you prefer, the number of bars, and your
mailing address.  We accept on-line payments and
will email you with the simple and secure payment
steps after your order is placed.
How to Order & Pay
Learn to make your own handmade artisan soap, [click here].
Every bar is cut by hand---meaning every bar size is unique.  To be fair, bars
are sold by weight.  The average weight size of each bar is
120 grams (a
little over 4 oz---your average grocery store size).

Price per gram varies by the number of bars you buy.  Let us know the
number of bars you'd like, we'll tell you the total gram weight and total cost
(plus shipping).
1 - 12 Bars, $.05/gram
13+ Bars, $.04/gram
scratch here to smell
just kidding....but wouldn't that be neat.  
All sales proceeds (minus supplies and a small amount for equipment
upkeep) is donated to charities.  Nothing is kept as income.
Ginger Spice
Bay Rum
Herbal Garden (reminiscent of Herbal Essence Shampoo)
Honey and Oat (with hint of sweet Lilac fragrance)