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Hammered Copper Jewelry
    Expore the excitement and satisfaction of
working with copper and other embellishments to
create your own piece of beautiful, unique,
handcrafted artisan jewelry.
    This workshop will teach methods of design,
cutting, trimming, hammering, drilling, assembly, and
finishing.  Also demonstrated will be annealing,
sawing, shaping, riveting, and aging.

Embellishments may include porcupine quills,
beads, birch bark, fabric, clay, leather, wood, glass,
or other metals.
    All materials and tools are provided.  Students
will leave with a set of earrings or necklace.  
Instructions will be provided making it possible to
continue making jewelry at home using common
household tools and only a modest investment in
specialty tools.
    Class projects vary from class to class, the image
is an example of one.  Average workshop time is 3
Tuition rates vary based on
class size.  Inquire about
private or group instruction
by visiting the
Contact page.
Are you a former student
with a question?  Ask your