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Introduction to Papermaking
Explore the creative and fun process of papermaking
using recyclable materials from the home.  With the
aid of a common household blender, iron, and
supplies found around the kitchen students will
prepare pulp and make individual sheets of handmade
paper and envelopes.  Techniques to tint and
texturize will be demonstrated as will ways to
enhance  paper with additives like dried flowers,
seeds, ephemera.
Students will leave with their own sample work and
instructions to continue working at home. Advanced
supplies and equipment will be discussed for the
more serious papermaker.

Papermaking Beyond the Basics
Take basic recycled papermaking to the next level.  In
this class students will learn the method of production
papermaking by processing raw plant fiber material to
pulp, 'pulling' sheets from the vat using a deckle and
screen, processing sheets to felts and pressing
sheets to stabilize and remove moisture.  This method
of papermaking is ideal for the student desiring large
quantities of organic handmade paper.
For the best learning experience it is recommended
students take the Introduction to Papermaking class
as a prerequisite or have some previous papermaking
Tuition rates vary based on
class size.  Inquire about
private or group instruction
by visiting the
Contact page.
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with a question?  Ask your