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Introduction to Clay, Handbuilding
  Learn to manipulate clay using several
handbuilding techniques such as coil, slab, slump,
extrude, and to texture using various common
tools.  Students will create a variety of finished
projects, including a cup, soap holder, and glaze test

Introduction to the Pottery Wheel
  Learn the skill of wheel pottery, "throwing".  
Students will develop the skill of preparing clay for
throwing, centering, pulling, and removing from the
wheel.  In this class the student will learn to create
bowls and cups.   The best finished projects will be
fired to bisque, glazed, and refired.  However,
emphasis will be on developing and refining
throwing skills.
  For successful results, plan spending practice
time outside of class.

Next Level Wheel Pottery
  This is a continuation of the Intro class.  Students
will continue refining their wheel throwing skills and
add the skills of creating handles, lids, and spouts.  
Design and function will be studied.   Students will
also develop improved glazing techniques.

Independent Study
  This class provides one-on-one ceramic mentoring
to develop skills in areas of personal interest.  
Discussions with the instructor will lead to specific
project assignments.
NOTE:  Improved clay handling skills will only
come with practice. Successful students will
afford the time necessary outside of the
classroom to practice the skills learned in class.